Fintech for Good: Accion at the Social Good Summit

Last week in New York, we were thrilled to join the Social Good Summit, an annual two-day event focused on how technology can help solve the world’s most pressing problems. Accion’s CEO Michael Schlein did a live chat on Facebook with Mashable business editor Jason Abbruzzese to discuss how digital technology is changing financial inclusion for the world’s three billion financially underserved. You can watch the video here.

Michael and Jason cover several trends in technology and impact investing, such as mobile money, wearables, and psychometric data. They discuss how those trends can help the financially underserved save, borrow, build credit, and access the formal financial sector, and consider how they will influence the future of inclusive finance.

We’re excited to have been part of the Summit, and share our vision of a financially inclusive world with a new audience. I hope you’ll take a look at the video, and pass it on to friends and colleagues.

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