Compartamos with the Community Day

Compartamos Banco is an institution which has been committed to development since its foundation. Today the company carries out several actions to promote common good and solidarity, for instance voluntary work, community days and donations.

Compartamos with the Community Day is a program which consists of reconditioning public spaces such as parks, sport centers and schools in communities where Compartamos Banco is present. The day brings together the bank employees, clients and community residents working for the common interest.

Last Saturday I joined the Compartamos team and travelled to Atlacomulco, a few hours north of Mexico City. There we navigated through the green fields and serpentine roads to a park called Mesa del Agüita, which had seen its best days a while ago. As we arrived around 8 am in the morning we were greeted by a cheerful group of locals ready for a full day of painting and repairing the surroundings.  About 60 pairs of hands painted the rusty swings and run-down park benches with bright colors turning the playground into a whole new place. The neighborhood children were diligently helping throughout the day and had naturally energy left to try out the equipment once the paint had dried.

At the end of the Compartamos with the Community Day the bank invites its clients and local residents for an outdoor movie. After a hard day’s work we turned the basketball field into a movie theater and enjoyed watching Ice Age 3 with some complimentary refreshments and popcorn.

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