Compartamos Banco, Mexico City

I will be contributing to the blog from Mexico City where I have the privilege to observe the functions of Compartamos Banco. I am stationed at the headquarters of the bank on Insurgentes, one of the busiest streets in the city. Heading out to the field to collect the client stories will offer a good contrast to the city life since most of the clients are groups of women living in rural areas.

Compartamos Banco has had quite an interesting path since its foundation in 1990 starting as an NGO and growing over the years into the largest microfinance bank in Latin America. Today the bank serves 1,625, 151 clients, 98% of them women entrepreneurs.

The first days at the bank have been very interesting learning about the different products and seeing how the company philosophy is implemented into every-day practices. It’s impressive to see that despite the growth and success Compartamos Banco has stayed loyal to its original principles to serve the person and to create social, economic and human value.

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