LSK to CT, and a few stops in between

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. Two weeks ago I visited the Zoona HQ down in Cape Town. It was a great work trip. I was able to sit down and work face-to-face with many of the folks I had been liaising with over the previous 6 weeks; but it was also awesome because I was able to sneak in a lil’ weekend jaunt. I’ve finally had a moment to download and edit a few of my photos from the trip!


Even though I don’t look it, I’m happy, I promise.

On our second Saturday there, Kirsty (fellow Accion Ambassador/Official Travel Buddy) and I rented a car and made our way down to the bottom of the world! Well, not quite, but it sure felt like it… Cape Point is some 12,500 KM (over 7,700 miles) away from NYC. It’s a common misconception that Cape Point is the southernmost tip of Africa— that’s not the case. That title belongs to Cape Agulhas, a point about 150KM east.


We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Anyhow, the drive from Cape Town down to Cape Point is absolutely gorgeous. We lucked out and had excellent weather for the entire journey. Even the penguins at Boulder’s Beach were happy about it!

An African penguin

An African penguin

A bunch  of  African penguins.

A bunch of African penguins.

Once we got down to the Point, it was nice to have a quiet moment to look out on the ocean and reflect a bit.

UpTheCoastCapePointLighthouse3After Cape Point, we hopped back in the car to make our way up the western coast of the peninsula. Important to note, this was my first time driving on the left hand side of the road, and a manual no less! I’m happy to report that it was all smooth sailing. Well, apparently there were a few close calls (according to Kirsty) with the left-side mirror. But I’m not so sure about that.

The M6 winds it way up the coast from Hout Bay to the Western Cape in Cape Town.


It was really fun drive even in our lil’ Chevy Spark

WindyRoad-2Along the way, we made a few stops to soak up the waning hours of the day.

MistyCliffs2And perhaps at one of the most gorgeous vistas I’ve ever seen, we stopped off at Chapman’s Peak and I was able to snap a few (dozen) shots. Here are a few of my favorite:

ChapmansPeak ChapmansPeak9 KirstyJumpAt the end of the day, as I thought back on the previous 8 hours, I was struck by how fortunate I was to have experienced everything I had. Undoubtedly, just 25 years prior (well within my lifetime), as a black male, I would not have been able to experience that drive in the way that I did. It’s shocking that a country composed of such beauty could possibly have harbored such ugliness for so many years. I suppose the same can be said for most developed nations— America is certainly no exception— but something about being a tourist in a foreign land made me more acutely aware of the situation.

When we rolled back into Cape Town, I got a little flash of excitement as we drove past a bar that was overflowing with young twenty-somethings from all different backgrounds and walks of life. I thought, “the next 25 should be much better than the last.”


Nile Nahar-Brown is working out of Lusaka, Zambia, with fintech entrepreneur Zoona on product development and marketing strategy.

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