Financial inclusion: it’s what’s for lunch

Here’s some recent (and some other, less recent) financial inclusion media I’m consuming on my lunch break, far from Zambia (most of us Ambassadors have all left the field) but not from this important and interesting work.

  • Former Frontier Investment Group Ambassador Matt Hennessy blogs for the Grameen Foundation about where consumer data and financial identities intersect to create financial access.
  • Huzzah, more data! The World Bank’s 2012 Little Data Book on Financial Inclusion gives some boggling statistics. To illustrate, only 3% of the world’s population uses a mobile phone to receive money, compared to 66.7% of Kenyans. These are Brazil vs. Germany levels of disparity.
  • Via my professor Chris Blattman and @prepaid_africa, a quick view of mobile money’s density across the world.


  • Also via Chris Blattman, an interesting op-ed on unconditional cash transfers for the poor in the United States.
  • Zoona’s powerhouse Managing Director, Lelemba Phiri, speaking at the 2014 Mobile Money Expo on how to be deliberate about financial inclusion:

Bon appétit.

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