Client Story: Nagamabanu Sarmukhtyarbhai Bagvan

For the last fifteen years, Nagmaben has lived in the Juhapura area of Ahmedabad  with her family, including her two children. A beautician by profession, she began her business at home, converting her kitchen into a beauty parlor by day, and she built up a regular client base from the local women living in her neighborhood. Her primary method of marketing was through word of mouth from her regular customers.

This year, she decided to attend the Dialogue on Business training, organized in March by SAATH (one of Accion’s partner NGOs in Ahmedabad), and it has made a big impact on her life and business.

She has realized the importance of the right type of effective publicity, has printed business cards and has repaired her old advertising sign (which is fixed to her building outside) by getting it repainted. She has also rented the house opposite to her own property and converted it into a permanent space for her beauty parlor. She has added additional products to her inventory, such as items of clothing for sale and hire (including traditional wedding attire) and jewelry. She has also initiated a savings group, dedicating her new space to hosting meetings and discussions, and she even has plans for the further professional development of her business. She broke even on her additional products within the first four months of their introduction and she is now experiencing good returns on her investments.

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Nagmaben in her new beauty parlour and in her kitchen where she used to conduct business.

Importantly, the training has enabled Nagmaben to view herself as an entrepreneur and to feel empowered as a woman generating her own income–a crucial outcome in the Dialogue on Business ethos. She sees greater value in the time and effort she dedicates to her business, and she now keeps records of expenses and investments so that she is aware of how much profit she is making each month. Her new-found confidence in herself has enabled both her and her husband to recognize and appreciate her identity and competence as a capable businesswoman.

Nagmaben is extremely warm and welcoming, radiating happiness and enthusiasm for her business when we inquire about her progress following her training. She is an inspiring success story, proudly demonstrating how she has incorporated and applied the Dialogue on Business concepts so as to increase her personal and professional capacity to enhance her own enterprising success.

Traditional and newly added services at Nagmaben’s beauty parlour.

Traditional and newly added services at Nagmaben’s beauty parlour.

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