The stuff that doesn’t get lost in translation

I came to India to document the stories of the women entrepreneurs I would eventually meet; but what I left with was so much more. Despite being lost in translation one too many times throughout my journey, there was one thing that needed no interpretation: the courage, strength, and gratitude that all these women entrepreneurs possess. These women instilled in me the necessity to take action instead of just make excuses.

It is easy to complain about our lot in life, but it is so much more rewarding and exhilarating to shape your own destiny. So let’s stop longing, and start doing. Let’s move forward in this New Year by taking small but steadfast steps in the direction of the life we’ve always wanted. Let’s be trailblazers in our communities just like these women — Bushra, DilshodPraveentaj, and Savitha, Manju and Sanguna. And why not? We have more to gain than to lose.

My final deliverable for the Dialogue on Business program is THIS VIDEO about the many inspiring women entrepreneurs I met this summer, I hope you enjoy it!

Signing off – Asya Tabdili!

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