About Us

Imagine a world in which you have no access to loans, saving accounts or insurance products with which to build your business or stabilize your family’s income. Unfortunately, this is the reality for 2 billion people around the globe who lack access to formal financial services. This disservice stunts the growth of many small businesses, and makes the lives of countless family’s far too uncertain.

At Accion, we believe that everyone should have access to financial services, no matter which corner of the globe you call home. By spreading these services to underserved communities around the world, we provide communities with the foundation that they need to improve their lives.

Our Strategy

  1. We help smaller microfinance institutions (MFIs) achieve greater scale, sustainability and efficiency through investment, technical assistance and strategic guidance. This allows MFIs to expand their products and services to meet their clients’ full range of needs. It also facilitates expansion into under and previously un-severed areas of the world.
  2. We provide seed funding and assistance to promising financial technology start-ups, which help accelerate the development of new business models. These more efficient business models improve the way organizations serve their clients – allowing for increased impact and greater penetration of financial services around the globe.
  3. We understand that achieving full financial inclusion will require the help of many actors outside of our organization, which is why we are helping to build a strong financial inclusion industry with high ethical standards. Our industry wide initiatives help to ensure consumer protection, provide platforms for collaboration between microfinance organizations, and to promote social-performance measurement and transparency.


To learn more about our work, please visit our website.